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TradeStation: almost redesigning the brand

We’ve worked on sustaining an already existing brand by creating a framework around it, making it grow and be the center of a huge ecosystem.

By 451 | November 2019

TradeStation is one of the largest online securities and futures brokerage firms and trading technology companies.

We were approached to redesign their website, and in the way, give our thoughts on their recently updated brand.

Although the focus of the work was on the site, we felt that although it had been redesigned less than a year before, the brand needed an update.

Our challenge was to make an intervention to the brand without changing its core values. We also wanted to create a path to release the update gentle enough for the users, all of whom had already digested the recent change.

Instead of creating a new logo, we decided to work on the framework that holds the entire ecosystem together.

We replaced fonts, we worked on scrutinizing the gradients and making them have some sense in the way they were representing entities, and we worked on the naming conventions and visual structure to support a very complex system of applications and products.

The original brand had a weird angle that converged a T and an S, for TradeStation. We settled on a 70º angle, and built the system around it. Gradients would be angled at the same 70º, and patterns were to follow that same direction.

From there and all over the various elements and executions we painted everything with the gradient, making it the most noticeable aspect of the new brand, taking over even the logo and creating an ecosystem that allows anyone to recognize the brand without seeing it.