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PlumSlice - Cards
PlumSlice - Logo

PlumSlice’s mission is to help retailers, brands, and wholesalers drive growth through disruptive technologies. 451º updated the PlumSlice brand by simplifying the logo and creating a visual framework with a meaningful color scheme.

PlumSlice - Typography
PlumSlice - Typography
PlumSlice - Icon
PlumSlice - Icon
PlumSlice - Icon
PlumSlice - Icon
PlumSlice - Website
PlumSlice - Mockup
PlumSlice - Wireframes
PlumSlice - Press
PlumSlice - Demo
PlumSlice - Article
PlumSlice - Blog
PlumSlice - Cloud
PlumSlice - Notebook PlumSlice - Notebook
PlumSlice - Cards PlumSlice - Cards PlumSlice - Cards
PlumSlice - Mobile

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